Where Have I Been?!

Okay, so I gave this blog writing thing a rather large break. I first started writing it for a course I was taking in University and once that was over I thought I’d take a break because of crazy exam season. I then decided I would pick it up again over the summer, that never happened. Then I decided I would pick it up again after summer, that never happened. Then I decided it would be in the new year.. and well that has sort of happened, it is now half way through January and I have decided I need to document this year, it is going to be a busy yet exciting one, but I also need to do some catching up from last year because I had a pretty amazing summer and first term at University.

Let me explain, since I left this blog I took my second year exams and had to say goodbye to some amazing people because unlike everyone else I was not moving onto my third and final year, I was moving to Canada to complete a year abroad. I am over half way through now and I can honestly say it has been one of the best decisions of my life. Continue reading


My Current Skincare Routine



So I have recently started to actually take some sort of care towards my skin, because I realised I am getting old and its going to be with me for a pretty long time so I should do more than haphazardly take my make up off and use a face mask once in a blue moon. I already had a fair few skincare products in my stash that I use for a few weeks then forget about, so I raided them and purchased a few new items to get me excited about skin care again and this is what I have come up with and it is working beautifully for my skin.

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Packing Essentials



I am currently away but thought I would share my top travel essentials that I pack without even thinking, a little bag that gets shoved in my bag for ‘just in case’ moments..

First a lip balm because dry lips are the worst, a pen because you just never know when you might need one! A pack of plasters because I personally am the clumsiest person ever and also am forever getting blisters so a multipack of plasters is an essential for clumsy people like me! Paracetamol and Ibrophren because you just never know when you are going to get the worlds worst headache do you? (people call me the walking pharmacy because I literally have anything you could ever need in my handbag), My euros because well that’s pretty self explanatory!, Travel Sickness tablets because I am travelling on a coach for over 20 hours so I need all the help I can get really, Hair Bands because you will ALWAYS need a hair band, Chewing gum because bad breath is not nice for ANYONE, Hair Grips same reason as hair bands they are an essential! my concealer because I might need a touch up when I get to the other end and finally my Lush Lip Scrub because a little pamper is always nice. I’ve also got my Ipod, Charger and enough food to feed the five thousand!

What are your must haves when you’re travelling a long distance?

Much Love xxx


March Faves



This months favourites are a bit of a bizarre mix, a mish mash of everything really. My ultimate favourite of march, were my trainers which I finally picked up, and I love love LOVE them, I wanted some that were quite simple that I could wear to lectures and they wouldn’t stand out too much, I’m not quite brave enough to sport neon yellow free runs, so these black flex ones with purple and blue trimmings were perfect, and i’ve had loads of compliments on them too! But most of all they are super comfortable and make me want to go to the gym which is a bit mental in itself..

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Disappointing Products



It’s not often I am disappointed by a product, but sometimes products just fail to meet my expectations and it is a bit of a bummer when you’re super excited about trying a hyped up product you test it out and are disappointed, yet you try it out for a few days, maybe even weeks but you still cannot get to grips with it. So I thought I would mention a few so that you guys don’t make the same mistakes I did. Continue reading